In honor of the upcoming 104th Picnic Day happening on April 21st, First Street Real Estate would like to share some of the history that has shaped Picnic Day in becoming the signature event of UC Davis. 

Schedule of Events for Picnic Day 2018:

Picnic Day is the annual Open House for UC Davis, where the richness of diversity and achievements at UC Davis and the surrounding community is showcased. 

Timeline of Picnic Day: 

  • 1909 - 2,200 people attended the first Picnic Day 
  • 1916 - First time the event was called "Picnic Day" with 15,000 people in attendance. 
  • 1926 - First Picnic Day with ads
  • 1935 - Educational exhibits were given more attention showing a few samples of the research they were conducting to solve farm problems. 
  • 1936 - A new recored was set at UC Davis, there were 939 students and 130 faculty members
  • 2003 - The Multicultural Children's Fair was introduced 
  • 2009 - UC Davis celebrated its Centennial with Picnic Day being one of the three major events of the celebration
  • Cancellations of Picnic Day: 
    • 1924 - Outbreak of Hoof & Mouth Disease amongst cowherds
    • 1938 - Delayed construction of the gymnasium
    • 1942-1944 - Due to World War II 

To view a complete timeline of the history of Picnic Day visit: